About Us

Diamond Engravers

Diamond Engravers is a well established family business located in Cheshire, England.  Part of Designs On U Ltd, which commecned operations in 2005, we provide professional engraving services, design and manufacture bespoke gifts and jewellery.  

As engravers we provide engraving services for wood, plastic, metal and glass products, each covered by a dedicated machine or machines.  For example Glass engraving, we have three systems which are used to engrave glass, sandblast engraving which produces a stunning frosted clean cut look and fine detail to logos, designs and text, C02 engraving which uses a special mask and a laser beam to engrave the glass and lastly a diamond cutter, which is used to etch the glass, this system work on engraving in a raster format.  Although the diamond engraving is an etching process and it can still produce fine detail but not as fine as sanblast engraving.

For customers that require metal engraving, we have one of the best set of machines for this type of work in the UK, with 3D engraving capability, fiibre MOPA laser engraving, C02 engraving, diamond engraving both flat and rotary.  We can cut and deep engrave very detailed logos or designs into the metal, using 3D stl files where you can engrave contrours by layer which you cannot do with conventional 2D lasers.  Our company can engrave up to 175 x 175 mm flat and 100 mm rotary with MOPA lasers and up to 300 mm diamter on our diamond engraving machine.

In addition we offer a complete design service and cutting out of metal parts in stainless steel, brass and aluminium, wood up to 18 mm thickness and plastics up to 20 mm thickness.

For the jewellery industry we provide a fast track service of 24 hours for volume customers and offer our service to the retail consumer for gift engraving.